Husky Corgi Mix

Husky Corgi Mix

Corgi Husky Mix

These cute little pups are a mixture between a husky and a corgi! They look like a husky, but they’ve got the main body features of a corgi with it’s size being the biggest thing that you can notice. It’s pretty much like having a mini husky or a husky puppy that stays at a smaller size for it’s entire life! But you’ve also got corgi mixed in, a husky corgi mix! These are too cute and adorable and I would love for any of you to send any pictures you had of your little puppies!

Husky Corgi Mixes usually feature a mixed coat with a range of colors from white to black with a mixture of gray in for good measure. They’re usually about half and half black & white or gray & white rather than a solid color of fur. They have a longer length of hair and seem to shed quite often. The stubby little legs on the Husky Corgi Mix are too cute! Get more info on Corgi’s here. Also, we have another site that shares our joy of these adorable little creatures featuring a wide array of corgis mixed with a big variety of other breeds. Check out this site at Corgi Mixes. You can click any image below and it will pop-up a gallery which allows you to scroll through to view the other images as well as let you share these pictures of the Husky Corgi Mix with your friends on your favorite social networks.

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